Please reach us at info@prometheusinvestigations.co.uk if you cannot find an answer to your question.

What are your prices?

What we charge depends entirely on what services are required. Even if you're unsure of what service you would like, give us a call and we can discuss what services you're interested in and work around your budget. For our most common service, however, covert surveillance, we usually charge between £40ph - £80ph per operative for a minimum of 5 hours. Again, this entirely depends on the nature of the investigation.

What can I expect after a covert surveillance operation?

A full detailed report breaking down everything that was observed in the operation with images. You will also receive all of the imagery that was captured - whether you need the original SD card/s or just want them delivered to you through email, we can accommodate you. Even if no events occur, hourly images are taken for your peace of mind. Also, frequent updates can be provided throughout the course of the operation via whatsapp, email or text.

What areas do you cover?

Although based in Staffordshire, our extensive network of private investigators allows us to dispatch operatives nationwide at short notice. We also operate abroad and are always prepared to follow a subject wherever they may go.

Is my inquiry confidential?

All of our clients are guaranteed full confidentiality and anonymity. At Prometheus Investigations, we value discretion, and we will never put you in jeopardy or divulge your information without your permission.