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The Critical Importance of Child Maintenance Investigations

Child maintenance is a fundamental right for every child, ensuring they receive the financial support they need for a stable upbringing. However, there are instances where one parent may evade their responsibilities, under-declare their income, or hide assets to reduce their child maintenance payments. In such situations, the wellbeing of the child is compromised.

Prometheus Investigations recognises the gravity of these issues and offers specialised child maintenance investigations to ensure that children receive the support they rightfully deserve.

How Prometheus Investigations Can Assist

With a wealth of experience in the private investigation sector, Prometheus Investigations brings a meticulous approach to child maintenance cases.

Our team of dedicated investigators employs a range of advanced techniques to uncover hidden assets, undisclosed income sources, and other financial discrepancies.

We gather concrete evidence, ensuring it’s presented in a format that’s admissible in court. Whether it’s tracking down offshore accounts, investigating undeclared business interests, or uncovering property investments, our team leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice for your child.

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Recognising the Signs of Child Maintenance Evasion

Awareness is the first step in addressing child maintenance evasion. Some indicators that a parent might be hiding their true financial status include:

  • A lifestyle that doesn’t match their declared income.
  • Significant purchases, such as property or luxury items, without a clear source of income.
  • Ownership of assets under a third party’s name.
  • Frequent overseas trips or connections to offshore accounts.

At Prometheus Investigations, we believe that by understanding these signs, custodial parents can take proactive steps to ensure their children receive the financial support they are entitled to.

The Prometheus Promise: Dedication, Discretion, and Determination

Choosing Prometheus Investigations for your child maintenance investigation means partnering with a firm that prioritises your child’s best interests.

Our commitment to discretion ensures that all investigations are carried out with the utmost confidentiality, minimising any potential distress or disruption to your child’s life.

Our determination drives us to delve deep, ensuring that all financial avenues are thoroughly explored. And our dedication? That’s reflected in our unwavering focus on delivering results, ensuring that children are not deprived of the financial support they need for a secure future.

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We have surveillance operatives based all over the country who can be deployed at short notice. Rest assured if you’re in need of a covert surveillance service, we can provide it for you.

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Our covert surveillance services range between £40ph and £80ph per operative, with static surveillance usually cheaper. Asset tracing is charged by the hour, but in order to generate a quote a consultation will have to take place in order to identify what searches will need to be conducted.